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what to do when your immune system hates you

The benefits of daily affirmations


benefits of daily affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements which can overcome self-sabotaging negative thoughts. If you believe bad things happen to you, they will. On the other hand, positive changes can be made in our daily lives by the simple power of positive thoughts. This allows our subconscious to re-program itself to believe in our own abilities.

Daily affirmations can be especially helpful when facing a chronic illness. Sometimes it can be difficult to get up in the morning when it seems like there is no hope and no end in sight for your illness.

Take some time every day to look in the mirror to affirm your inherent human right to good health. Every positive thought is another step toward improved health. With a positive attitude, you can become the healthy person you envision.

Beneficial daily affirmations for the chronically ill

I deserve to be well and healthy.

I am strong, brave, and determined. I can endure through this.

I am grateful for the health I have, and I believe in my body's ability to heal.

I release all stress in my life to allow my body the strength to heal.

I am not defined by my illness. I am a whole and worthwhile human.

I allow myself to rest as needed to improve my health.

I am free from pain and full of energy.

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