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What's on the schedule?


my daily to-do list

Mostly for my records.

Trying to figure out where the day goes when it doesn't seem like I get much done around the house. It may not seem like much, but with the list written out I can see that things do get done eventually if I keep at them every day.

I also firmly believe that if I don't try to stay ahead of the mess, nothing gets done around here.


Daily schedule

Note: "Project" is whatever needs to be done that day that I can do without help: deep cleaning, sorting, organizing, shredding paper, food prep.

Sometimes "project" is researching safe sources of food supplies since shared lines and facilities can be such a huge issue. This means contacting companies about allergens. I spend a lot of time emailing and phoning to get answers about safe foods.

Sometimes "project" means that actual work even occurs!

Weekend schedule

Special schedules

Monday mornings

Friday afternoons

First day of the month

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