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Easter candy alternatives -- Easter basket ideas


Easter candy alternatives -- Easter basket ideas
If you are like most parents of allergic children, you dread the yearly influx of candy when your child gets an Easter basket. Many holiday-size candies simply are full of allergens. Yes, there are lists of safe foods, but you need to check every candy every year due to changes in manufacturing practices. That also doesn't preclude your child reacting anyway.

It's a bit mean to give children candy they can't eat anyway, so why do it at all? Why not give something that will not leave the youngsters in Emergency with a bad reaction?

There are a variety of small items suitable for Easter baskets such as small Easter toys or Easter themed school supplies. These seasonal items would also work well as party favors for a children's Easter party. Choose an alternative to Easter candy -- and your children will thank you!

Select several favors for your little bunnies, and combine them into a convenient cellophane bag for easy giving.

Easter glow in the dark

Anything that glows in the dark is automatically "cool" for a typical kid. Your kids will love having glow in the dark items in their Easter baskets.

Turn out the house lights, turn on the Easter egg lights, and watch the glow in the dark things glow!

Other Easter candy alternatives

Small Easter toys

Somewhat traditional, but very fun -- Easter toys. Give your child a plush bunny or chick to brighten up their Easter basket. It may not be chocolate, but it's a huggable gift that keeps on giving long after the holiday.

Your child may also enjoy a bunny or chickie wind-up toy to hop along on Easter day.

Easter school supplies

Kids love going to school after Easter to show off what they received in their Easter baskets. Why not give out school supplies in their baskets? This will allow them to enjoy Easter memories of being able to keep their Easter basket items for so long as that pencil lasts!

Easter bookmarks are also a great and educational Easter party favor. It is of course always good to promote reading for younger children.

Easter party favors

Small toys are big Easter fun. For your Easter party, choose a variety of small Easter themed toys to give. Temporary tattoos and stickers are always a big hit with children, as are rubber ducks. And what kid would not love Easter bubbles?

Happy Easter!

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