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Easy ways to cook eggs -- recipe ideas


easy ways to cook eggs

Unless you are reactive to them, eggs are an easy food to cook for breakfast -- or even breakfast for dinner. They also tend to sit well when you aren't feeling well enough to eat much of anything else. They are an excellent source of both protein and healthy fats, which are an important part of a healthy diet.

Boiled eggs

For a soft-boiled egg

Note: You will need an egg topper to crack open the top of the egg.

For a hard-boiled egg

Note: Shocking the egg in cold water stops the cooking process in addition to making it easy to peel the egg.

Fried eggs

For a sunny-side up egg

Note: The yolk should be runny.

For an over-easy egg

Note: This gives you firm whites and runny yolk.

For an over-hard egg

Note: This gives you firm whites and firm yolk.

For scrambled eggs

Fancy ways to cook eggs

For an omelet

For a hash

For a frittata

Tip: Be liberal in greasing the pan to ease removal of the frittata once it is baked.

easy ways to cook eggs

Note: I normally do a 12-egg frittata in an omelet skillet, but feel free to adjust to your needs.

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