I can’t have [allergen]. Can you help me write my recipe to be [allergen] free?

You are welcome to use my on-site charts to make your own substitutions:

Keep in mind that changing ingredients may require changes to liquid contents and cooking time. I am not responsible if your recipe fails.

Can I substitute X, Y, and Z in your recipe? Can you redo your recipe to accommodate my allergies?

The recipes on this site are designed to be used with the ingredients listed. Free feel to substitute as per the above charts so long as you understand your new recipe may fail. I am not responsible if it fails.

Do these recipes need to be adjusted for altitude?

I cook at a couple hundred meters above sea level. If it doesn’t work as written, it may need adjustments in cooking time and temperature.

Reading labels is hard. Does this food have [allergen]? Do you have a list of products that do not contain [allergen]?

Try my allergy free shopping tips for the best way to shop allergen-free in addition to my how to read labels guide. If you still aren’t sure about a particular product, I recommend contacting the manufacturer of the product to confirm the product’s allergen status. They can tell you better than I can.

Where do you find gluten-free spices?

Try Penzeys or The Spice House for gluten-free spices. (Wonderful, fresh spices — and I don’t get a kickback for saying so.) Please check with them as some of their blends and other products may contain gluten. Penzeys offers free shipping at $30, and has frequent coupons if you are on their mailing list.

Please avoid all temptation to buy spices from the bulk bins at the supermarket. They are inevitably cross-contaminated.

I have food allergies and I have to share my kitchen. How can I eat safely?

Try my allergy-free cooking tips for allergic kitchen safety ideas.