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The benefits of eating honey


benefits of eating honey

Have you ever thought about the many benefits of eating honey? Honey is not merely a bottle of sweet sugary substance. It is one of the world's most perfect foods. Regarded as one of the "superfoods", the benefits of honey are many. It is not only naturally antiseptic, but it is full of nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants that are highly beneficial to the human body.

In addition, it adds a lovely sweet flavor to other foods in addition to being enjoyed on its own. Honey is truly a miracle food that should be in every pantry.

What this superfood can do for you

Honey is often referred to as Nectar Of The Gods. It has been used for centuries for its healing and restorative properties. The Egyptians were known to have used honey as far back as 5000 years ago.

Some of honey's well-known healing effects:

Pure honey -- raw unprocessed honey -- is a much healthier choice of sweetener than refined white sugar and corn syrup. It is simply loaded with beneficial nutrients: vitamins, minerals, enzymes and precious antioxidants.

Types of honey

It's important to know just what type of honey you are buying, so read the honey labels carefully:

Tip: Consuming a small amount of locally produced honey everyday during allergy season has an immense benefit if you are an allergy sufferer. It exposes your immune system to the local pollens in a beneficial way which may result in less "hay fever".

How do you like your honey?

Comb honey

Comb honey is honey that is ready for eating, but still in a very natural state. It consists of pure honey and edible beeswax, as made by the bees! Comb honey does have bits of the beeswax cells of the honeycomb in it. Some people do not like the taste and texture of comb honey while others adore it.

Comb honey was the way honey used to be -- before the honey extractor was invented. Comb honey is very popular today among people who prefer more natural foods and honey hobbyists. As a product, comb honey is a lot more expensive to purchase.

Creamed honey

Cream honey is a blend of liquid honey and granulated honey. This form of honey is known by many name including; honey fondant, whipped honey, churned honey, candied honey and spun honey. In the United Kingdom, creamed honey is known as set honey.

Creamed honey is semi-solid, which makes it easy to measure out for baking purposes.

Liquid honey

Liquid honey is the most commonly-seen of honey. It is the product that you will find on store shelves and comes in bottle or jars. It is used as a spread, flavor enhancer and as a sweetener.

Liquid honey is semi-pourable, depending on the air temperature. You will frequently see liquid honey in the squeezy "honey bear" bottle.

Honey flavours

Honey is flavored by the type of pollen gathered to make it. Each honey has its own unique flavor specific to that hive and that region.

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