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What other household products do I use?


my household product list

This is a listing of safe products currently stashed for general household usage. Three of four people here have related issues, so this does overlap for all three of us. What the fourth person does when not home is not my business so long as his hands and face are scrubbed before returning home.

This is mostly "bulk items", so we do keep a stash in the linen closet, garage, and other small storage areas as needed.

Household product stock list



There a difference between wax paper and parchment paper:


Personal care


OTC and DIY medications


Note: I have to hazmat prior to cleaning due to being badly reactive to touching and/or breathing-in vinegar-related substances. I also react to dust with bad hives. This means respirator, goggles, and nitrile gloves. It is frequently more efficient for me to get someone else to do the cleaning while I hide in another area.

A worker coming in to repair things around here is deadly for me due to drywall, paint, and such.

Reed diffusers

Note: I have zero tolerance on scented candles, "air fresheners", incense, and similar.

If you are smoking in or near my house, you had better be on fire.

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