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Non-food items contain allergens


watch for hidden allergens
While foods are an obvious source of allergens for many people, it's the non-food items that trip up even the most wary. Many non-food items can contain allergens, and they are not required to be labelled as such in the US.

Taking a look around your house, you might be surprised at the numerous common items which contain a major allergen. Toys, animal feed, even your shampoo are loaded with allergens!

Read the label for allergens

Allergen free substitutions

Once you have determined that a particular product contains an allergen, your first step should be to try to find a similar hypoallergenic product. Play dough can be easily made at home with safe ingredients. Grain-free pet foods are becoming common due to allergic pets. Personal care can be more challenging, but with a little research, you should be able to find something suitable for your hair or skin type.

For products such as cleaning products, even an all-natural cleaner may not be enough to avoid the allergens. Even if you try to keep it simple with a vinegar and water rinse for most scrubbing, for example, you may simply have to wear protective gear (mask and nitrile gloves) when using it to avoid triggering a reaction.

For medications which contain inactive ingredients that you cannot tolerate, you may have to have specially compounded medications.

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