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my pantry list

This is a listing of safe foods currently stashed or otherwise on the regular shopping list. Three of four people here have major food issues, so this list is restricted to those things I personally can eat.

You will note that there isn't a whole lot of processed foods here. I feel like I live by Mr Pollan's book Food Rules most of the time. If I don't make it myself, and it's not made by someone I can trust implicitly to cook for me, I can't eat it without a bad reaction.

Due to yet another round of companies altering the ingredients and "may contain" in their products, I just lost most of my packaged "safe foods". The "junkiest" food which remains on the safe list is the actual chocolate morsels, which seems highly likely to disappear from the safe food list at any time. I currently try not to get too attached to anything with more than one ingredient. Ergo, over 98% of all food I can eat enters the house as a single-ingredient food. Time for more cooking from scratch if I want to eat more than a handful of things!

Pantry stock list





Flours and leavening

Note: Koda Farms only handles rice. Maskal Teff only handles teff. No possible cross-contamination.

Note #1: There is no difference between cream of tartar and tartaric acid.

Note #2: If you are using tartaric acid to stabilize eggs, you need a 1/2 gram per extra-large egg white.

Spices and extracts

Note: All spices are from Penzey's . They frequently have free shipping with $20 purchase if you get on their mailing list.





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