What is soy?


Soy free cooking
Soy is a member of the legume family. When consumed, soy products trigger an autoimmune response (in essence, an allergic reaction) in those individuals who are soy-intolerant. Soy and its by-products are widely used in processed foods. In addition, fermented soy is a common food staple in Asian cuisine.

As a major allergen, soy will be clearly marked on the labels of foods produced for the US market. However, it is still important to learn what to look for to avoid soy in your diet.

Read the label for soy

Soy can be found in edamame, miso, natto, shoyu, soy (as in “soy cheese”, “soy nuts”, etc), shoyu, soya, soybean, soy protein, soy sauce, tamari, tempeh, textured vegetable protein (“TVP”), and tofu. It can also be hidden under such labels as “vegetable broth”, “vegetable starch”, and “vegetable oil”.

The best way to avoid soy is a simple one: avoid processed foods. Soy cannot be hidden in whole foods.