Easy dairy free cashew cream recipe


Cashew cream
While there are many recipes that use heavy dairy-based cream, there are few commercial substitutes for cream. I recommend making a batch of cashew cream for use in these recipes.

It has a neutral flavour that blends well with my recipes. If refrigerated overnight, it can be whipped up a bit in imitation of whipped cream.

It will keep refrigerated for several days if you make more than you need for a single use, but it will need to be re-mixed before use.

Dairy free cashew milk recipe


  • Contain NUTS


  • 150 grams raw cashews
  • 120 mL water, plus extra for soaking


Place the raw cashews into a bowl with enough water to cover them. Allow cashews to soak for at least an hour. Drain, then rinse.

Place soaked cashews into blender and process until smooth (about 1 to 2 minutes). Add 120 mL water and blend until smooth.

Makes about 360 mL of cashew cream.