Easy dairy free buttermilk recipe


Dairy-free buttermilk
Just because you are allergic to dairy doesn’t mean you must give up buttermilk. It’s easy to make buttermilk with any dairy-free milk substitute.

This recipe is basically the same process for creating buttermilk from a dairy milk. The dairy-free buttermilk created by this process can be used as a buttermilk substitute in any recipe that calls for dairy buttermilk, or you can also drink it straight. It is not quite the same as a cultured buttermilk, but it will work. Yum!

Dairy free buttermilk recipe


  • May contain GLUTEN
  • May contain SOY
  • May contain NUTS


  • 15 mL lemon juice (can also use cream of tartar)
  • 225 mL non-dairy milk substitute (nut milk [cashew milk recipe], rice milk [rice milk recipe], soy milk, etc) of your choice, unsweetened/plain


Pour lemon juice into a bowl, then add the dairy-free milk substitute. Mix thoroughly. Allow this mixture to stand for at least ten minutes to “sour” the milk substitute.

Makes 240 mL of buttermilk substitute.