Soy free substitutions


Soy free substitutions
The funny thing about substituting for soy is that we often end up substituting for the substitute that soy is typically used for. If it is a entree protein-replacement, simply switch back to meat, switch milk-substitute back to milk, and so forth. The key is to determine the purpose of the soy in that particular recipe to decide on an appropriate substitution.

The closest substitute for soy flour in terms of texture and “handling” are the bean flours. Replace 1 cup of soy flour with 1 1/8 cup bean flour (any). In addition, the liquid content of the recipe will require slight adjustment since soy flour is extremely moist. No other flours can be adequately substituted for soy flour due to its particular properties and texture.

For soy “dairy” items such as soy milk or soy cheese, it would be simplest to switch to a cow’s milk product. Alternately, try a rice- or nut-based product of the same type. Use the same volume of liquid (for milks) or same weight of solid (for cheese-like items).

Soy “meat” likewise can simply be substituted with the same weight of actual meat. For non-meat protein sources, try a similar weight of beans or nuts.