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What is sugar sensitivity?


What is sugar sensitivity?

Sugar sensitivity is a condition in which an individual produces an inadequate amount of the enzymes required to break down a particular sugar such as fructose or glucose. Without the proper enzymes, sugars cannot be digested and used by the body.

Sugar sensitivity like all intolerances is a sliding scale -- in effect a bucket to contain a set amount of a particular sugar for that day. Some can tolerate more sugar in their diets than others, but once the sugar bucket is full, that person can tolerate no more. Then the symptoms begin -- almost entirely gastrointestinal in origin.

What types of food are high in sugars?

Note: These are mostly processed foods which contain added sugars such as cane sugar for high-fructose corn syrup. Stick to whole fruits if your goal for reducing sugar intake is to avoid food with added sugars.

What types of food are low in sugar?

A sugar-free diet?

While it is technically possible to have a sugar-free diet, this can be difficult without resorting to artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, Splenda, and Equal. These artificial sweeteners of course have their own issues when consumed.

The ideal situation would involve watching consumption of natural sugars while also avoiding artificial sweeteners. The simple avoidance of processed foods can be beneficial since so many processed foods are high in added sugars to improve their flavour. In general however a low-carb diet can help reduce overall sugar consumption since it reduces consumption of foods which are high in both natural and added sugars.

For those with certain food allergies, who might wish to reduce their intake of certain grains, or who are simply trying to limit histamine liberators such as sugar, some substitutions will prove necessary when using sugar in a recipe.

It is best for ease of substitution to substitute granular sugars for granular sugars and liquid sugar for liquid sugars.

For one cup of granulated cane sugar, substitute these sugars:

For one cup of liquid cane sugar (sugar syrup), substitute these sugars:

Weight of one cup of sugar:

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