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What is fish?


watch for hidden fish

Fish is a common entrée protein for meals, characterized as being fin-fish. Fish includes "bony fish" such as cod and carp, and "cartilaginous fish" such as sharks and rays. Fish allergies are typically anaphylactic, with a lifelong duration. No one really outgrows them.

Those with a fish allergy react to the protein in fish called “parvalbumin”. Those allergic should have an Epi-Pen on hand at all times for emergency first aid before proceeding to Emergency for further treatment.

As a major allergen, fish will be clearly marked on the labels of foods produced for the US market, usually in the form “contains fish”. However, it is still important to learn what to look for to avoid fish in your diet.

Read the label for fish

Fish can be found in barbecue sauce, bonito flakes, bouillabaisse (fish soup), caviar, cod liver oil, deep fried foods, fish flavouring, fish flour, fish fume, fish gelatin ("kosher gelatin"), fish oil, fish sauce, imitation fish, isinglass, lutefisk, fish maw, fish stock, fishmeal, nuoc mam, anchovies (especially on pizza, in Worcestershire sauce, or in Caesar salad), salad dressing, seafood flavouring, shark cartilage, shark fin, surimi, sushi, sashimi.

Note: Please be aware that airbourne fish protein can trigger a reaction. Avoid both seafood restaurants and any location in which fish is cooking. Seafood restaurants should also be avoided because of the high potential for cross-contamination from both fish and shellfish even if you order a non-fish item.

Fish free substitutions

Fish is a fairly easy allergen to substitute provided that you avoid seafood restaurants. Simply choose another non-seafood protein in its place if it's a main course, and of course read labels carefully to avoid hidden fish in condiments.

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